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Gandalf Pipe 16"


Original Gandalf Glass Pipe shape and length supports a much cooler, cleaner and condensed smoke. It takes the smoke a longer period of time to travel through long glass, which acts as cooling barrier. Made in USA.

Gandalf Pipes have been around for years in carbonless form, made up of different materials. The Gandalf Pipe 16 available at pipeee is renowned for its classic look, beautiful curve, and elongated design. This pipe is an absolute joy for people who love to smoke. If you have Gandalf Pipe, you no longer have to light up close to your face. You can enjoy the smooth and distance experience of smoking from a glass pipe. Its long steam of pipe creates longer smoke time, allow more refreshing hit by the time it reaches your lips. So if you are looking for Middle Earth Experience with each hit, then this Gandalf Pipe 16 is more than perfect for you.  This pipe feature a deep bowl, so no need to take the trouble to give it break; just make it sit upright when it is not in use. So what are you waiting for? Shop your favorite Gandalf Pipe 16 in the easiest possible way.Size & color will vary!

Customer Reviews

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Received in perfect condition minis being lost in the mail for a second. Def must buy


My wife ordered this for me and she ordered it 2 weeks before father's day for my 1st father's day. I just finally received it today. USPS lost it but the help I got from this site was INCREDIBLE. They responded at all times of the day, almost immediate, and did EVERYTHING THEY COULD to get me this pipe. Refund, discount, shipping updates, EVERYTHING! The package was shipped incredibly safely with fragile sticker, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, paper, etc. ONLY DISAPPOINTMENT that I have to mention is I ordered the blue one with that cool pattern, etc. And what I recieved was blue but it looked like the green one, clear, and kinda dull. I really wanted a PERFECT HAPPY ENDING to this shipping nightmare but it's OK. It's still a b@dass pipe and they were incredibly helpful!!!


Thank you for your order and for your immense trust and support.

Brian :)
Smooth Pull. Great product.

Easy to handle and smooth on the pull. I would definitely buy from Pipee again and recommend to my friends. I received my order less than a week. Seller is very pleasant and professional. No hassle and no run arounds, which is how you run a business! Thank you, Pipee! Keep up the good work. Cheers!

Thank you for your order and for your immense trust and support.