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The Fumo Pipe - Steamroller

  • Brand: Fumo Pipe
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The Fumo Pipe is an innovative compact palm size steamroller that delivers the ultimate rush with its revolutionary spring-loaded Push-Carb System! Simply press the button and see your smoke disappear. The forward thinking design of Fumo Pipe brings best of two worlds - a simple and unbreakable pipe held together with two heat & chemical resistant Viton® O-rings, combined with a delivery system to enjoy a fresh, smooth and a particle-free smoking experience!

Fumo Pipe combines a stainless steel screw-on bowl with a tobacco compartment found underneath for easy on-the-go, an anodized billet aluminum body and finished it with a Polycarbonate chamber, hence making the Fumo Pipe virtually indestructible. Both the stainless steel bowl and filtration screen have undergone “passivation” to remove all impurities (same cleaning process used for surgical components.) This allows a clean and equal burn only to leave you with properly tasting smoke.

Furthermore, the Heat-Sink Anodized Billet Aluminum Body is designed to chill smoke in 4 systematic stages. In its 1st stage hot smoke passes through a small opening underneath the bowl. Working its way into the 2nd stage, it travels through a larger opening underneath the Push-Carb System. In its 3rd stage the cool smoke finally enters the tube chamber. To active the 4th stage, just hit Push-Carb button to combine cool fresh air to further chill your smoke!

Clean your Fumo Pipe with ease. Just unscrew the bowl, pull off the Push-Carb button, twist off the Polycarbonate tube chamber, and use proper metal & plastic cleaning formulas - it’s that simple!

Made in the USA 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Robert Baker
Happy Birthday

I have one of these already. I like mine so much, bought this one for my riding buddy. The Fog is coming!

Michael Strahinic
the best

I bought a Bling Aloha and i love it.

Kendrick R.
Awesome pipe!

The Fumo, and all accessories came as described! It is well made, and already a hit! Speaking of which- when you put on the extension- it hits like Tyson! Great product. Very happy

Thanks for the review, we really appreciate it!

Robert Miller
Goodbye to my glass pipes

Fumo gives a smoother smoke and is easier to clean than anything I've used so far. Tube extensions are available but not necessary or even particularly useful--I don't use mine anymore.

Rowenna Dobbs
awesome pipe

awesome pipe it and awesome service with it ...thank you