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PieceMaker Konjurer Silicone Gandalf Pipe 12''

  • Brand: PieceMaker
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Glow Blue
Glow Kotton Kandy
Glow Pink
Kwest Swirl

The PieceMaker Konjurer Silicone Gandalf Pipe is the world’s first silicone Gandalf pipe. The silicone body is indestructible and flexible, making it perfect for travel. The ergonomic design lets you enjoy your Gandalf pipe easily. Use the carb with your index finger and other hand to light. The PieceMaker Konjurer includes a replaceable food-grade stainless steel bowl. Your friends will know it’s an authentic PieceMaker pipe because of the white imprinted logo on the body near the bowl. The silicone build is easy to clean and travel with and will last you a lifetime due to its indestructible build.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Nate Horton

Does the blue pipe glow in the dark as well?

Tony Trotter

Very good quality and bigger than expected but perfect for the occasion it's needed for. Thanks for fast shipping and service will be a returning customer soon!

Thanks for the review, we really appreciate it

Riah Messinger
It's fabulous!

A couple of years ago I found a great pipe and it was used often. It has to be silicone because the glass churchwarden pipes kept breaking. This one is perfect. I will order again, won't wait so long next time. Super happy with the experience.

John M Wade
Silicon Gandalf pipe

My wife absolutely loves it, I love it I'm because she broke my glass Gandalf pipe and now I don'thave to let her near my new one. It was bigger than I was expecting, which isn't bad by any means. The bowl on it is nice and big, it is definitely what I would consider to be a nice party pipe. You can pass it around and not have to worry about the butterfingers stoner in the group dropping it and breaking it. The only party foul is spilling the bowl. I would highly recommend for the price point it is offered at, and the durability. Just my 2 cents worth.

Thanks for the review, we really appreciate it .

Randy Decker
Peacemaker pipe

Awesome price fast shipping, excellent pipe