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Journey J2 Pipe

Midnight Black
Smokey Mirror

The Journey Pipe 2 is an innovative smoking device made from a high grade metal alloy. Stop fussing around with metal pipes that have easy to lose lids and can get easily clogged up. The Journey Pipe 2 features a strong swivel magnetic lid making it easy to load and take on-the-go. The screenless design of the pipe prevents any unwanted materials from getting through.

The Journey Pipe 2 does not get hot to hold during sessions and provides smooth, cool hits every time due to the aerodynamic design of the chamber. Completely taking the magnetic lid off allows you to easily clean the inside chamber. The Journey Pipe 2 case is included and comes with space to store a lighter or other valuables.

  • High Grade Alloy Metal
  • Strong Magnetic Lid
  • Screenless Design
  • Cooling Chamber
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Case Included
  • Available in Several Colors
  • Length: 4"

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Carol Hodges
Pipes @

Exactly what I was looking for.