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Mathematix Glass - Gandalf Pipe Bubbler 13 Inch

Smoke Grey

The Mathematix Glass Gandalf bubbler is a unique Gandalf water bubbler. It features a diffused multi-diffused downstem, side carb for controlling your smoke, a hefty bowl and the signature curved glass tubing for a cool smoking experience. Made of solid cane borosilicate glass, the pipe is sturdy and reaches 13 inches in length. The thick glass base sits on two feet that help the pipe stand on its own.

NOTE - decal colors will vary!

Customer Reviews

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Our new favorite

This bubbler is a great piece. It has become our new favorite for both my wife and I. It is very sturdy, flows extremely well and has a great balanced feel. The harshness from shorter pipes is gone with this and we found that we're using less to get the same result.. or more from it. Highly recommended. I'll be planning to order another soon... just because I know it will be used.


Great piece of design.

Chris Boyles
WooWeee Pipeee!!!

Been onboard Rush's Thailand Express since 73, and up till now my most pleasant smoking experience has been my London Neapealse Temple Ball Experience in 77 where me & my friend got so toasted, we debated what seemed like days on if we should strip our clothes off to get in the shower to 'normal up' before we got in Trouble with our Boss who decided to pay our job site a visit one weekend when we were youngsters working...this falls along simular lines cept this time around I have decades of Experience to Help. Well sir, this here bubbler has the potential, depending on your Load, to really Blast You Off to The Ozone Agin! {R.i.p. Commander Cody, your Lost Planet Airmen miss you!)...yep, in all my travels & experiences round the World, this little Gem is Def worth TWICE what is charged here, I think it is THAT GOOD!

The bowl is huge, the Glass works are TOP FLIGHT, but be VERY CAREFUL when you sit it down with any water in the bubbler as it takes a bit to get used to when moving it as it can easily leak out of the pipe's mouthpiece and carburetor hole if you are not Careful, and with no marker to show a fill level, I pragmatically concluded that where the bottom of the pipe stem meets the bowl serves as the fill line, and this will allow you to use the bowl's glass feet & the pipe stem to properly sit your pipe on a flat, level surface between smokes without getting everything wet.

The One Drawback is it needing daily cleaning, especially if you are a heavy, daily user. But that was factored in at purchase, and the transparent smoke design makes it a Breeze to clean.

I am going to order a 'spare', especially with the current Supply Chain & Pandemic mail & manufacturer shipping problems...I was about 5 days past the scheduled delivery date from USPS, but I was starting to worry when the usps tracking stopped for 4 days at an undisclosed location while transiting CONUS, as I live on the East Coast. But my Fears were for ought once my package arrived on this Crisp, clear Fall Saturday morning. It was EXTREMELY well packed, which had me concerned with such a long, delicate instrument. But it IS as advertised, solidly built, and the way Pippeee packed this for mail, I submit a Tank could have run over that package and the glass bubbler would have been okay! That impressed me, so even though I was initially disappointed at the prospect of losing such a Hard to find gem, after all, tell me HOW MANY other long stem, glass bubblers are out there, and NO WHERE ELSE in the US will you find the value & construction at this relatively cheap price point.

Thanks Pipeee! You def have an OG Smoker/Joker who gives 5 👍's up, even if I naturally can only give the 2 I own!

Gonzo Out!

Mark Williams

All around great experience! Would recommend

Really cool pipe.

It's been about 20 years since I've needed anything like this. It's way cooler than anything I've ever had. It makes me feel sophisticated. lol And it smokes good too. I just wish it came with a little funnel to get in the water without getting the bowl wet. But not that big of a deal 5* anyway.