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Gandalf Pipe 22"


Original Gandalf Glass Pipe shape and length supports a much cooler, cleaner and condensed smoke. It takes the smoke a longer period of time to travel through long glass,which acts as cooling barrier. Size & color will vary! 

Made in USA.

Customer Reviews

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Davia Waitforit
Beyond delighted! :)

So I've been looking to replace my jade starfish gandalf that broke 5 years ago since the time of incident. I had only found 2 sites that offered them and one was sold out to the public. I watched the other, trying to be selective about my choice, thinking they'd get the color I wanted... Not only did they not, they sold out completely and it's been a year and none have come back in stock. Gandalf is my preferred choice of glass. I was devastated, absolutely heartbroken.. I googled 22 inch in general, not hopeful. Up pops pipeee. They have one! It's an awesome price!!! Holy smokes! Shut up and take my money!!!! Y'all... It came in 2 days!!!! Mailman pulled in my driveway, package was slathered with fragile stickers but they didn't get obnoxious with the peanuts. It was PERFECT. I accidentally called pipeee while saving all their info. Dude... They called me back. Customer service, quality, price, and beauty!!! This place has it ALL. I'm astounded. Literally could not be more pleased 😀

Thanks for the review, we really appreciate it!

Jonathan M.
Stellar Service & Pipe

My experience was a fiasco that was not in any way at fault to the company. However, I appreciate the patient and supportive customer service and this pipe is a work of art! The "cooling effect" is not dramatic but beats a spoon any day. This pipe also has a large hole in the bowl so it's best to screen it or use an unground bud to smoke it without catching ash in the mouth. The hit is ethereal and unlike any sensation you'll ever have...seriously! Add the serious style this long and gorgeous pipe has, and I'm a happy customer. A genuine Starfish piece as well, for those concerned (it has the star imprint). Now, to keep it safe, hmmmm.........

Thanks for the review, we really appreciate it!