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Genius Pipe Original


The Genius Pipe Original is a quality herb pipe that offers bong like filtration thanks to it’s advanced design. Not only that, it is also self contained and portable so you can comfortably bring it wherever you want, Genius! The Genius Pipe, brought to you here by Pipeee, is the last word in pipe innovation, even at this cheap price. The Genius Pipe has amazing filtration and cooling abilities, all without water and all in a compact package. The Genius's simple three piece design holds a huge amount of technological innovation that sets the Genius Pipe Original apart from every other pipe on the market. Why use bongs when you can the Genius Pipe? Get it right here at the best price. You will not find a pipe on the market that offers the same level of cooling in such a small and simple package as the Genius. No water, no mess, and no fuss means that there’s no question about the fantastic quality of the Genius Pipe.