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The Pros and Cons of Smoking a Ceramic Pipe

Ceramic pipes have specifically have an existence for many centuries now as it is one of the original type of pipes. They’ve been through different popularity levels throughout all these years, and evolved as novelty items in modern era. Nonetheless, ceramic pipes are also very much popular for the regular smoker.

Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of these unique pieces in detail:

Unique Ceramic pipes



· Durability

If you admire the glance of glass pipes but are afraid of breaking them, ceramic pipes can be the answer to your dilemma. In ceramic pipes, clay has been used rather than glass, which increases their durability to a great extent.

· Unique Designs

As ceramic is an easier option to make due to the presence of clay, you can receive amazingly unique designs at very cost effective rates.

The large collection of ceramic pipes at our store comes with various designs, shapes, etc. You can easily explore the wide range of products and we are certain that you are going to fell in love with the unique designs we offer.

· Easy Clean

The cleaning of ceramic pipes is quite easier and there are innumerable methods that you can use to clean the pipe. One of them is to buy a cleaner and simply go with the instruction manual that comes with it.

Alternatively, you can also drop some alcohol and a pinch of salt into the pipe, bung the holes and shake it. This evicts any resin that’s stranded inside. For better results, repeat this process numerous times so that you can clean it thoroughly.

Celebration Ceramic pipes



· Doesn’t Travel Well

If you prefer having smoke while you are travelling, ceramic pipes are something that you should avoid completely. It’s quite understood that their unique designs proves to be of a great advantage as a travel companion, but it also makes them quite difficult to carry in a purse, leave be your pocket. Smoking a ceramic pipe is certainly the coolest thing you can flaunt, but our recommendation is to better smoke at home.

· Less versatility in comparison with Glass

This is one of the other instances where smoking a ceramic pipe looks far out courtesy to the eccentric designs. Nonetheless, those same designs once again become the reason to avert the versatility that usually comes with glass. Hence, you can certainly enjoy the smooth smoke due to the ceramic pipes, but again, there would be an issue with versatility of these pipes. So, make informed decisions whatever you are going to do.

· Burns Hot

Ceramic has the natural property to absorb heat, which implies that your pipe may turn into a hot rod if you are using it while travelling or while you are under sun. And, this become quite certain if you haven’t cleaned your pipe as you should.

Fast heating and cooling of the ceramic pipe can also result into cracks. You should always try to keep the bowl temperature constant as much as possible.