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Silicone water pipes pros and cons

Silicone pipes are getting popular these days because of their durability and colors. Silicone offers better heat stability and has almost the same inertness or non-reactive properties as glass, and they are considered better than plastics. Silicone provides better quality as compared to cheap plastic.

Pros of silicone pipes

Silicone pipes have various benefits which make them excellent for use.

  • Silicone pipes are durable

Silicone is considered one of the most durable and malleable materials. Whether you toss it, throw it, slam it against the wall, it will retain its original shape. This is applicable only to silicone pipes. People those who are clumsy or drop pipes from their hand can choose silicone pipes. You can rug or have fun with the silicone pipes.

  • Silicone pipes are lightweight and portable

Silicone pipes are highly portable and lightweight, some exceptions are always there you may find heavyweight silicone pipes, but the majority of silicone pipes are slim and lightweight. They are portable and can easily be kept anywhere in the house or storerooms, you don’t have to worry about breaking them or getting injured as they will not shatter into small pieces.

  • Silicone pipes have caps for sealing and storage

Silicone pipes are considered best for passing the water with high pressure without any particles. Some silicone pipes have bowl caps that help you keep small dust particles outside pipes. Silicone pipe can easily be kept aside and cover after use to keep any stuck particle from falling.

  • Silicone pipes are easy to clean

You don’t need to worry much when you have a silicone pipe. There are two best ways to clean silicone pipe i.e. you can clean using a silicone cleaner or by freezing the silicone pipe. As you know metal or glass pieces can be removed and wash them separately.

I think you are all aware of the benefits of silicone pipes, now let's discuss some cons of the silicone pipes:
  • You need to regularly check the damage

Silicone pipes are considered indestructible, silicone directly absorbs the sunlight to prevent cracks or holes in the pipes you need to check the pipe regularly. Hitting the silicone pipes with direct sunlight can damage the material. There are few silicone pipes that take higher temperatures as compared to others.

  • They are not so good-looking

Silicone pipes are not good-looking they are not so beautifully clear and shiny. A beautiful combination of existing pieces can be created by using metal pipes. Silicone pipes can be molded into different shapes such as elephants, skulls, and ice cream cones.

  • Many of the silicone pipes have large holes

There are many silicone pipes that have large holes at the bottom, large holes allow particles to come with water. Silicone pipes can easily remedy this with a pipe screen fitted inside the tanks. If you forget to add, you need to tone down your water to prevent the dust particles to mix with your freshwater.