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Can you have healthier hits using a bubbler than a pipe?

Many people do smoking using dry pipes but nowadays, bubblers have emerged. Most people believe that bubblers pave the way for a healthier hit than a pipe. Yes, it's true that you can gain a healthier hit using a bubbler than a pipe.

Pipes vs bubbler

A bubbler is wet smoking while the pipe is dry smoking. Pipes are easy to clean and are more portable than bubblers, but they fail when it comes to cool the smoke before entering your lungs. That’s the major reason why bubblers bring a healthier smoking experience as they cool down the smoke as you inhale.

Types of bubbler pipe

Bubblers pipes have various styles and shapes, each has a different feature that makes them different from others.

  • Classic bubbler pipe

Classic bubbler pipes are tall pipes, they have a bowl right above the water chamber which provides a smooth smoke.

  • Spoon bubbler pipes

Spoon bubbler pipes are a little bigger than compared to traditional spoon pipes, as they have a horizontal chamber to hold water. Spoon bubbler pipes are easy to carry around, they are portable and convenient.

  • Hammer bubbler pipes

Hammer bubbler pipes have a shape similar to a small hammer rather than a glass bowl, hammer bubblers have more space that allows them to create more smoke. Hammer bubbler filters smoke better as smoke passes through several glass rods.

  • Animal bubbler pipes

Animal bubblers are trending in the market right now, they shape like the trunk of an elephant. It's recommended to use an animal bubbler when you want to smoke your dry herbs while you are using mobile, as it is a free-standing bubbler that is stable on any flat surface.

Hammer bubbler pipes
Chameleon Glass Spoon Bubbler Water Pipe

Why use a bubbler

Using a bubbler has various advantages, if you are a bong user then a bubbler is the best alternative for you to use. The best thing about a bubbler is that you get a smooth hit, you can also eliminate any taste. This can be done easily as bubblers are made of glass.
Bubblers generally sit between a bong and a pipe which simply means you can enjoy the features of both, giving you an ultimate smoking experience. Bubblers are durable and lightweight, which makes them perfect for beginners. Bubbler produces no fumes when heated.

Working of bubblers

You can easily use bubblers just by filling the water chamber with cold water. After checking the water level you need to pack the herbs in the bowl, make sure that the bowl is dry when you put the herbs into it. The next step after placing your herbs is to spark your bubbler. Suppose if you have a carb inside, you just need to cover it before you inhale the smoke from the chamber of your bubbler. When you feel that enough smoke has been built up inside, remove your thumb and enjoy a smooth filtered smoke.