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5 Benefits of Water Pipes

Water pipes have been popular for decades as a way to enjoy smoking. There are several benefits of water pipes or bongs you should know about because you may become a die-hard user of them after you read this. If you want to have a more enjoyable smoke, then keep reading.

Here are the greatest benefits of water pipes:



Smoother Smoke

 Perhaps the biggest reason why smokers prefer using water pipes over other methods is the fact that they deliver a smoother smoke. Unless you are a seasoned smoker, your throat will hurt from the harshness of the smoking you are inhaling. The added element of water will cool down the smoke as it passes through the pipe. It will also kill bacteria that may be hiding in the smoke. Using a water pipe will help you avoid conditions like bronchitis, which can flare up in even long-term smokers of other methods. 

Great for Beginners

If you are new to smoking, your throat will be unaccustomed to hot smoke entering it. This will lead to coughing and intense irritation. To make your smoking more relaxing, use a water pipe. The bubbling water cools down the smoke and helps beginner smokes take shallow breaths compared to other ways of smoking. If you want your first smoking experience to be a great one, you should use a water pipe. 

Plenty of Options

When it comes to water pipes, you have your pick of a variety of styles. There are big versions and miniature styles. You can get glass or silicone water pipes, as well as either percolated or normal ones. Whatever your need or desire, there will be a water pipe to suit it. Some even have different kinds of attachments that allow you to pack the pipes with different kinds of substances, such as dabs. 




Saves Money

A water pipe is a long-term investment but it will save you money. As mentioned previously, having a water pipe with multiple attachments can save you money by only needing one pipe. Instead of buying several different pieces to smoke out of, you only need one piece that will last you for years. You also no longer need to buy other smoking accessories. 

Healthier Than Other Smoking Methods

As mentioned before, the water in a water pipe has the ability to kill harmful bacteria that may be transported with it. Another health benefit of using water pipes is the fact that they can significantly lower how many smoke carcinogens you are inhaling. The water will act as a great filter that will dramatically reduce your risk of getting lung cancer, among other health issues. By driving the smoker further and quicker into your lungs, you will feel the effects quicker. That is why you just need to make sure you are taking more shallow tokes to avoid coughing and irritating your lungs.


Water pipes are one of the most popular types of smoking pieces used today. Now that you know about all of the benefits of water pipes, you can find out you like and start enjoying them. Pipeee has a large selection of water pipes for every type of smoker. Whatever your personal preference is, we are sure to carry a water pipe that meets it. Browse our selection today and get ready to take your smoking to the next level!